Paul Ndiho

By Vipi Africa


Paul NdihoPaul Ndiho is an internationally respected multimedia journalist who has earned a reputation for his path breaking reporting of humanitarian crises and coverage of conflict zones. Mr. Ndiho has had a multi-faceted broadcasting career so far in radio and television in the United States including PBS’s News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and the Voice of America’s TV – Africa, Zoomin TV, Reporters United and various television stations.

 Prior to working in the United States Mr. Ndiho covered the war zones in Africa. His breaking coverage of the deadly ethnic warfare between the Hema and Lendu militias in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo helped galvanize the international community to respond to end the bloodshed.

Mr. Ndiho has produced television features on health, hunger, poverty, and food security. Other TV features, corruption, conflict, U.S and African politics, and social issues.

 He’s currently affiliated with the Voice of America’s TV – Africa as a freelance Video Journalist, who writes, shoots, and edits video reports for international news broadcast agencies.

He has interviewed several heads of state, politicians, news markers, analysts, American and African government officials and everyday citizens presenting a variety of opinions on a wide range of issues.

Mr. Ndiho is also the president and C.E.O of Ndiho Media Productions and managing editor of “”. 

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