By Paul Ndiho

August 25,2011

Tourists and local residents alike are flocking to a market in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria’s economic and financial capital. The market with its dazzling array of African artwork, beads, colorful cloths and hand crafted jewelry attracts thousands of people each year.

The bustling Lekki market in Nigeria’s sprawling city of Lagos has become a must-see destination for tourists and locals, with its wide selection of masks, traditional clothing and hand crafted jewelry and paintings.

Phillip, a Brazilian tourist, says he likes to visit the market.

“At all times, we have some friends that come from Brazil, we usually come here to show the beauty of Africa and all the things,”

But it’s not just tourists who visit the market. Lekki market is also a favorite for local residents.

“I like it because; I get to feel the African vibe when I’m here, like I get to see different artworks. It tells me a lot about my culture as an African so I like the work,”

The market, which has over 150 stalls, also sells fruits, vegetables and fresh fish, and attracts traders from the region, like Ghanaian trader, Walter Eto.

Eto, who has been making handbags and other leather goods for more than 20 years, says Lekki market provides a good business opportunity for his products.

“Bring catalogue for me, anyone with catalogue anyone with a design or catalogue, you can bring catalogue for me now or I have a catalogue for myself. I have catalogue for myself, if you come, I’ll show you, and you decide, you choose your choice your design, I can make it for you,”

Taofeek Adeshina is an artist and says the market gives him a chance to show and sell his work.

“We have many type of wood you know to do this kind of work you understand. We have like ebony wood, mahogany wood, eh tin wood and some other kind of wood like that so when you want to, you make sure you use quality wood to do this kind of work,”

With more than 200,000 visitors streaming into Lagos this year Lekki market offers a unique aesthetic in Nigeria’s most populous state.


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