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Supporting e-commerce business in Uganda

Running an e-commerce business can be a challenge in most African countries. Thanks to the pandemic, small companies, and start-ups embrace new ways of doing business as they fight for competition amid growing demand by consumers for online services.

In Uganda, Doppler Technologies and Innovations limited has created a “Jalule” platform that helps small businesses keep an online presence.

Africa 54’s Technology Correspondent Paul Ndiho, via Skype, spoke to Donald Waruhanga, CEO, Doppler Technologies.

Technology Helping Ghanaian Farmers Improve their Yields

African entrepreneurs are creating innovations that help farmers improve their yields. In Ghana, Sesi Technologies, the company behind “GrainMate,” allows farmers and grain purchasers to affordably measure moisture levels of maize, rice, wheat, millet, sorghum, and other staples.

Africa 54’s Technology Correspondent Paul Ndiho, via Skype, spoke to Isaac Sesi, a Ghanaian entrepreneur and CEO, Sesi Technologies.


Since 2015, The Hacklab Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Tema, Ghana, has been empowering the youth for future digital jobs through skills development, boot camps, Hackthorns, mentor ship, coaching, and internships, and More importantly, job placement across Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and India to boot.

Africa 54’s Technology reporter Paul Ndiho spoke to Foster Akugri, a Ghanaian social entrepreneur, founder, and Hacklab foundation president in Accra.


According to the UN Women campaign against gender-based violence, 13 – 45 percent of women in sub-Saharan Africa experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. 

But TechHer, a Nigerian social enterprise, aims to change that narrative through tech and innovation – by demystifying technology and applying tech solutions towards societal problems, primarily as they affect women. 

Africa 54’s tech correspondent Paul Ndiho, via Skype, spoke to Chioma Agwuegbo, Executive Director, TechHerNG, in Abuja, Nigeria. 

Nigeria a premier investment hub for big tech firms

Nigeria’s Tech industry has grown exponentially in the last ten years, surpassing South Africa to emerge as a premier investment destination for big technology firms. More than 60 tech hubs have raised millions of dollars in funding.
For more on the Tech scene in Nigeria,  Africa 54’s Paul Ndiho, via Skype, spoke to David Alozie, a Disruptive Innovations technologies consultant in Lagos.

EMPOWERING Ghanaian women in THE tech SPACE

Technology is revolutionizing the way women do business in Africa. It allows young entrepreneurs to think outside of the box and create enterprises via the internet, changing lives. In Ghana, Lily Botsyoe, an aspiring global ambassador, is on a mission to change the way young people in Ghana use technology.

In Accra, Ghana, Africa 54’s Paul Ndiho via Skype, spoke to Lily Botsyoe, Team Lead, Community engagement, and Internships at Hacklab Ghana.


By Paul Ndiho

A Nigeria-based online auto platform, Cars45, is competing with traditional car dealers as it grows its platform, which buys, sells, prices, and rates the condition of per-owned vehicles. 

Auto Trader’s 2020 Car Industry report, released in earlier this year, says global interest in Pre-owned vehicles is at an all-time high. There are over 400 million online searches between mid-2019 to 2020, reflecting a massive 40 percent increase in used car searches.  Lagos-based Cars45, an online auto platform that is positioning itself as the go-to website for used car sales in the region. Olajide Adamolekun, Chief Finance officer, cars45.

“We looked at the industry and realized that there was a lack of transparency in the used car automotive space. How do we know the real value of the car, how do we know what the car’s condition is and whoever is buying, how would they know what they are buying?  So that lack of transparency – Saw the opportunity to create value where people who want to sell their car, people who want to buy cars, can meet in a very transparent manner. 

The used-car market in Nigeria is a big hassle.  There’s so much mistrust, no vehicle history, and not much of a structured dealer network. These are just some of the challenges Cars45 is trying to solve. 

“Whoever wants to sell their car, first, you go online to get a sense of evaluation. Posts the vehicle’s model, year of the vehicle, and once it’s posted online – our website, it gets a range of prices of which the car could fall depending on the grade, and I think we are the first in Nigeria to do that.” 

Started in 2016, Cars45 has since expanded to more than 60 locations where sellers or owners enter their vehicle information for a free quote. They can then schedule an appointment at one of the inspection centers.  

“We currently have over 63 inspection centers across Nigeria and these retail footprints where people that want to sell their cars go to or drive too, and it’s 200-point inspection. It’s like if a patient goes to a Doctor and says they want to do a blood checkup, that’s what we do.” 

In much of sub-Saharan Africa, the imports satisfy the demand for mobility. Simultaneously, many public transport systems are undeveloped and newer models are not affordable to many in the growing middle class. 

“Individuals import over 500,000 (used cars) vehicles per year. And because of that fragmentation, there are many other value chain services and possibilities that are not available– so the question is how can we do this in the most transparent manner where the customer knows what they are buying.” 

Like many technology companies in Nigeria, Cars45’s continues to attract venture capitalists and has raised millions of dollars in funding.  The company is setting its sights on pursuing Nigeria-first growth strategies before expanding to other markets.  However, analysts say that pre-owned cars present environmental challenges.  They contribute to the pollution burden on a continent that contributes far less than other regions to the emissions that may contribute to global warming. 

Empowering Women In Tech IN GHANA

Unemployed people in Ghana often feel alone and isolated. But, in Accra, Nadia Owusu digital marketing consultant and technology enthusiast is using her digital skills to empower, mentor young girls and women on how to enter the field of science and technology.

Africa 54’s Paul ndiho via Skype, spoke to Nadia Owusu a digital marketing consultant, in Accra, Ghana.

Fighting Cyber-crime in Nigeria

The Cyber-threat is on the rise in Africa. Millions of people are susceptible to a range of online criminal activities, including financial fraud, drugs, human trafficking, and terrorism.

Analysts say the fight against cyber crime requires a cohesive and coordinated approach because the potential for internet abuse in Africa is very high.

For more, Africa 54’s technology correspondent Paul Ndiho via skype, spoke to Mojisola Alabi, director, program, and partnerships at the center for cyber awareness and development.

Simplifying Bill Pay In Kenya

In a rapidly changing market, you never know whether a customer will still be yours tomorrow. Earning customers’ trust means delighting them with excellent user experiences, exciting new offers, and advice tailored to their needs.

For more, Africa 54’s technology correspondent Paul Ndiho via skype, spoke to Ngaruiya Kamau, a budding tech entrepreneur in the energy sector in Kenya. Kamau and his team are simplifying life through technology.

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