Using Music to Conserve Mountain Gorillas

Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo is home to almost one-third of the world’s remaining 700 wild mountain gorillas. The gorillas are also found in Rwanda and Uganda. The World Wildlife Fund says that man’s closest relative is facing pressures that could drive it into extinction, and at least one musician is working to save the gorillas. VOA’s Paul Ndiho has more:


  1. Habari Paul: this is Samba's manager, writing to thank you for this great feature. Well done, keep up the good work! Samba sends his greetings to you. Visit our blog about our trip to Zanzibar and Nairobi in February:–CC Smith

  2. Hello there, Thanks a lot for your complements. I could not have done a good job without the help of Samba and Matt…. They deserve all the credit.ThanksPaul

  3. Hello friends, I think I think it's a good idea, very original, it's good to keep these species alive!

  4. Africa is the most exciting place for visit and you can go to do a many thing so the idea is very nice good luck.

  5. I hope that the project continue working fine… Those species are very important for the planet, I hope that you can preserve these animals.

  6. This guy is the most talented person I've ever seen in my whole life! please pot a entire review!

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