Empowering the next generation of Women leaders

By Paul Ndiho
November 15, 2010
Earlier this year the U.S. Government, in partnership with Century Entrepreneurship Development Agency or CEDA a Ugandan based NGO launched the “Rising Stars Mentoring Program.” The program seeks to empower girls and women to become economically independent and socially responsible. The program enables girls to focus and re-frame their thinking, transform their lives, take charge of their destiny, and improve their communities. VOA’s Paul Ndiho recently spoke to Rehmah Kasule founder of CEDA International. She says Women in Uganda lack confidence, self-belief, negotiating skills, and have limited access to mentors and role models to inspire them.

One comment

  • Implementation of the Rising Stars Program is timely. May the girls have the courage to put into practice the knowledge and skills imparted! There is a lot of evidence that such programs can greatly change one’s destiny. I wish the program was reaching out to more young people! Madina Nakibirige


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