Africa’s Innovation and Technology Channel

Online weekly TV magazine channel to unveil and showcase innovations and technology in Africa

The boom of information and communication technologies in Africa has ignited interesting innovations across the continent. Unfortunately, there is no coherent effort to capture and showcase (introduce) these innovations to the world. Tech Clip

The Africa Innovation and Technology Channel will capture innovations in Africa and introduce these entrepreneurs to the global market with a goal of inspiring the next generation of innovators in Africa. The Technology Channel will also provide these new innovations a platform to expand market reach and exposure to the world markets.

Over the last decade, the role of technology has significantly increased in the lives of Africans. More than700 million Africans have access to mobile broadband.

Startups are emerging and there is an excitement for innovation related stories. Access is becoming easier, mobile is booming and a technology explosion is happening. Analyst say that tech hubs in Africa provide a home for those with new and innovative ideas, create an atmosphere where they are encouraged to try new things and, most importantly, are able to meet like-minded individuals they can grow with.

In the past few years, startups techs in Africa have built amazing products that can compete on the international stage. They have however lacked the platform to showcase these products. To build capacity, these techs need the exposure in order to move from the “start-up” to a fully viable tech industry provider.

From iCOW apps in Ghana; Spark in Nigeria; to BRCK connectivity and mobile gaming in Kenya; to a computer tablet that diagnoses cardiovascular diseases in rural Cameroon, and to a computer tablet that uses local languages in Congo. Young Africans are using access to the Internet to address challenges that affected the continent for decades.

Kenya is now considered a major technology center in the world thanks to the jobless youths who spend a lot of time at iHub in Nairobi ‘playing’ with technology and creating amazing applications.


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