La-Tante DC10 Ghana’s Premier Restaurant

By Paul Ndiho
If you happen to be in the Ghanaian capital and you’re looking for a restaurant to have dinner — or you’ve never been on a airplane but you’re curious about what it feels like to eat on a plane. Ask no more! The country’s defunct airline, Ghana Airways, is now a restaurant. 11133818_10153169520697270_8128713134123885100_n
As the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – in this particular case, that statement could not be true. Once upon a time, this was Ghana Airways. But now this national treasure has been turned into the state of the art La-Tante DC10 restaurant where locals and tourists come to taste authentic Ghanaian dishes.
Restaurant owner Vivian Awo Broom is credited for coming up with this innovative idea after she out-bid other contenders with different ideas.
“it was tough you have to do the technical bid and then the financial bid, so when putting everything, my artistic impression of the way the restaurant will look like and then the financials, how much we will be making from the restaurant, events and all that brought me up to win this bid.”
Located opposite the Marina Shopping Mall near Ghana’s International Airport, the restaurant is attracting lot of clients. There’s also no need to worry about Accra’s hot and humid climate, this restaurant is fully air-conditioned, with a unique ambiance that reflects the La Tante brand. It has a seating capacity of 118 — plus it features a live DJ.
“It’s one of kind, the first in Africa or West Africa if I should say and the expectations are high, we are doing African dishes, we needed to put some international twist to it to make it up there, not like the local dishes that are made in our local restaurants. So we have variety of dishes, the ambience and, like you can see today the ambience and the services just on point and people like it.

The eatery is where many locals get their first taste of what it’s like to dine on an airplane. John Michael is among a group of 25 people are visiting from outside the country.
“We came from Benin just to discover this restaurant on the plane.”
Raymond Baba is another customer who shares the same sentiment.
“They have very good Jollof Rice with chicken, and salad and I’m happy to be in plane on land.”
It was a walk down memory lane for another diner at the La-Tante restaurant, Paul says he had previously used Ghana Airways countless times about fifteen years ago — but today he brought his family for dinner.
“I flew in this plane and when we landed mostly in various countries, like Cambodia, Lebanon and other countries that peace keeping took place. And a s soon as we land you would see a lot of people from other countries come out to admire this plane – Simply because they used to overload this plane.”
The chairs and tables have been re-designed to meet high operational standards with separate washrooms for male and female customers. Sefakor Gbemu, managers the restaurant.
“It not been easy but we are managing, especially when the house is full you have to join them serve them, serve the customers and make sure they are satisfied, whatever, they want you make sure they are satisfied.”
The La Tante DC 10 Restaurant has great gardens for outside catering parties and wedding receptions. It also has high-level security, to effectively manage the risks of theft and unauthorized access to the facility.

Paul Ndiho is a Ugandan – American video journalist/ executive producer, Africa Innovations & Technology based in Washington D.C with interests in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Africa. He is passionate about mentorship and developing the next generation of Africa’s young leaders., Facebook: Paul Ndiho and Twitter: @pndiho

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