By Paul Ndiho

If you live in Nairobi, Kenya and are planning to host an event, like a wedding, corporate meeting, party or a gala, then the start-up company Zuri Ignite Events Management stands ready to fulfill your needs. Zuri Ignite Events Management PKG

Zuri Ignite was created nearly five years ago with one goal in mind, to produce events that connect people with their vision, to make sure clients had memorable experience and to connect individuals with each other.  Zuri is a full-service brand management firm and Kezy Mukiri is the founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“The one thing that stands out in the process of how we do our business and that separates us from the competition is the relationships that we build with our customers. We are not just interested in putting on an event for the client. We begin by understanding what their objective is, which means we are literally on board their teams.”

Mukiri is lawyer by trade, who quit her well-paying job to follow her passion and become a social entrepreneur. She also wanted to do something good for her community by empowering women.

“What I am very passionate about is providing an opportunity for female entrepreneurs. Kenya has made certain advancements in making certain opportunities available, and there are a lot of global institutions that are making those opportunities available, but I must say a lot needs to be done, not just in the area of providing finances or access to markets, but also capacity development.

Through Mukiri’s flagship program, there is training for women entrepreneurs, on issues of financial management, how to access markets, and how to package and brand their businesses to become successful.  Mukiri says that what drives her most, is the belief that she can make a difference in young people’s lives.

“Young people have a lot of potentials, and we have to encourage ourselves to keep moving and get away from the vices that we see on the continent, vices of corruption and lack of integrity. Young people have got what it takes to change the face of Africa.”

Marketing manager Betty Mabya, details some of the firm’s services.

“We help them to identify their brand or brand development: where we have to come up with a logo the bigger picture of this brand. We do concept development for them; we develop every concept with them from event management.

Zuri Ignite employs more than 15 full-time workers and has positioned itself among Nairobi’s best places to work.

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