Ghanaian Twin Brothers behind Hollywood’s Auto Boutique shop Roadstarr Motorsports


You’ve probably seen these custom made cars in music videos, from reality stars to rappers to super-rich celebrities driving down the streets of Hollywood or even watched a TV show called “pimp my ride.” But, have you ever wondered who makes these cars? Well, ask no more! Paul Ndiho recently caught up with the owners of Roadstarr Ghanaian Twin brothers, behind the LA based automotive boutique that tunes expensive cars into Exotic automobiles. Nicki-Minajs-Pink-Lamborghini-Aventador

Most of us are happy to drive affordable vehicles, but for super rich, it’s all about status, and appearance in a custom made to car – One that meets their exquisite taste. Therefore, choosing to drive some of the market’s fastest, slickest, and most expensive cars.

“If you are one of those guys with deep pockets and you’re looking for a place to customize your vehicle, Roadstarr in LA is one place you need to check out.”

An appetite for driving expensive cars coupled with a fancy lifestyle inspired fraternal twins Hussein and Hassan Iddrisu as well as their cousin John Spio to start their customization shop Roadstarr Motorsports.

“We provide excellent services for those who have a lot of disposable income in the industry of automobile in a way we are an auto boutique company and basically what we do is provide services for those that have love and passion for most of the European cars.

The automotive shop has grown into a full-service luxury brand that caters to celebrities, From Paris Hilton, the heiress to the Hilton Hotels, Amber Rose, Sean P. Diddy, Kim Kardashian and rapper Soulja Boy just to mention but a few.

“Our most recent clients include California’s former governor, we have clients from all over the world, from heads of state to people that have disposal income. So it’s a beautiful thing because it gives us an opportunity to enter into certain people’s lives that we would probably not get the privilege to in the normal circumstances.”

Hassan says it is understandable why Hollywood celebrities, with a lot of money, can make, can afford to spend hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars for such cars.

“Price is not as important as the services you provide promptly. So their time is very precious, they have choices. You got to have them fall in love with you then they tend to pay more here than other competitors because of the after products.”

For example, this is a 2017 Lamborghini Aventador Roadstar– with this car the customer wanted us to build him a custom Aerodynamics body kit on the car.  That’s why the car is apart, and we have already used our high technology scanner to scan the car and come up with 3D’s and have already designed the car.”

Hassan Iddrisu says that whether custom captain chairs in the rear of your Mercedes Benz G Class, a complete executive conversion for your Ferrari or your Range Rover SVU. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship, along with professional highly-qualified experienced engineers, electricians, mechanics, and talented staff guarantee that your car is safe, sound and redefined in your special way.

“We take cars and redefine them into what you want it to be we’re like plastic surgeons of cars we achieve those dreams for you.”

Despite repeated hardships, their ability to succeed as a business has been remarkable. Hassan attributes his business success largely to his twin brother Hussein Iddrisu as well as their cousin John Spio and the talented staff that makes it happen.

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