More than one hundred people are breathing a sigh of relief after being rescued off the Northwest coast of Libya as they attempt to make their way across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. 

Libyan coast guard officials say boats carrying more than 100 people after being rescued off the coast of the Libyan city of Garabulli on Monday. The migrants are from many countries, including Egypt, Eritrea, and Bangladesh. For many migrants, Libya evokes painful memories of abuse, torture, and trafficking.

“We commonly see stab wounds, bullets wounds, burns even; we’ve seen evidence of electrocution, lots of beatings with whips, hoses, things like that.” So said Mohammed Fadlalla, MSF doctor.   

Libya is a significant transit point for Africans seeking to make the arduous journey to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.

“I entered Libya; traffickers coached me. The traffickers beat me and used electricity. Look at my face, my hands.” 

Libya is being singled out as a dangerous country for migrants, and a United Nations report revealed that “crimes against humanity” are being inflicted on the most vulnerable people.

The dangers are all too familiar for some aboard the Geo Barents ship run by medical charity Doctors Without Borders.  

“In Libya, there is so much human violence. Like capturing people from their main camps, taking them to the prison, and trying to ask them for money. So it’s difficult.”

Hoping for a better life, some migrants reach their destinations; some are rescued, but others often die during their journey to Europe.

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